AHAP is commercial software and is in use at Avova and so cannot currently be released as open source at this time.

Extract from functional spec...


AHAP (Avova Hosting Automation Platform) is a complete application suite developed to
automate the common processes within a web hosting company thus increasing
productivity and lowering overall operation costs. The platform will focus on scalability,
security and ease of use as the platform will be sitting on the wide open internet and will
need to easily scale as the company╩╝s client base and services grow. Usability is also a
key focus as customers with greatly varying technical knowledge will be expected to use
the platform.

Key Features include:-

  •  Customer Ordering & Billing
  •  Automated online ordering and payment processing
  •  Automated customer account setup
  •  Invoicing and account renewals
  •  Customer Support Ticketing System
  •  Generation of a support ticket for tracking support queries/requests
  •  Customer & agent notifications of ticket updates
  •  Customer feedback rating
  •  Customer Management Console
  •  Allow customers to easily manage areas of their hosting account

The platform will have to integrate with existing servers and customers configurations
providing already available features along with new ones.