picoMVC is a very light (one file) web framework written in PHP (PHP5 to be specific) and provides mainly a nice implementation of the Model-View-Controller software architectural pattern.

The Model-View-Controller pattern in this instance has been adapted slightly to better suite the needs of web based applications. Model-View-Controller or MVC is very useful as it allows you to develop applications more quickly and also results in easier to maintain code as well as encourage code reuse.

It works by breaking your application up into the following three components:-

  • Models - Provides data to the rest of the application (for example - interfaces with a Database, File System or SOAP/XML web service).
  • Views - The actual presentation layer - what the user sees on screen. (I tend to make a very rough view initially then beautify it when the rest of the application is done).
  • Controllers - Does exactly what it says on the tin, it controls everything, it's the glue between the models and the views and is where most of the magic happens. This is where the actual logic of the application is performed.


picoMVC is currently under development and will be released very soon. It is loosely based on the old (pre 1.x) Avova Web Framework's MVC implementation.